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Your dish for the day Reiko Hayashi


“Sex is one of the most wholesome, beautiful and natural experiences that money can buy.”


Q. “If I ask you to ask me to do something naughty what do you think you would require the most from me?”

I love to be spanked and tied up. I’m a bit of a masochist so I like to be dominated. I would hope that you would want that from me. I would also enjoy being asked to strip tease or have you watch me masturbate.


As you can see I’m a bit tied up at the moment, please book ahead so that we can have the ultimate date!


Dancing in the Sheets

(2 hours 160,000yen plus taxi)


A rendezvous at your hotel lounge or favorite Tokyo bar. We can get to know each other over a few drinks and then when you feel the time is right we can slip away from envious eyes to a place where I can help you unwind and put you into a state of euphoric bliss. I promise to put more than a smile upon your face.


Extreme Flirting (4 hours 200,000yen plus taxi)


Let’s wine and dine on delectable delicacies. Let me show you what Tokyo has to offer. After dinner you may want to enjoy a fine brandy or cocktails at the Mandarinoriental bar or perhaps you having something more decadent in mind. I’m sure I can tailor our date to meet your naughty needs. Don’t forget dessert! I hear it’s not to be missed.


Horizontal Refreshment (6 hours 250,000yen plus taxi)


Tokyo nights can be wild, sexy and crazy at times. Perhaps dinner and dessert just isn’t enough. You need sublime decadence. Perhaps a walk on the wild side to see what the night has to offer. A sexy cabaret, burlesque or striptease show. Maybe a visit to a Couples Kissa, swingers club, rope play club or a tour of the mizu shobai. Allow me to customize your decadent night tour.


Donations for a Worthy Cause

The Service of Venus - An Overnight Visit

7pm until 7am 350,000 yen plus taxi

10 pm to 7am 300,000 yen plus taxi


You can smell my light perfume very unusual almost like an olfactory aphrodisiac. You feel the softness and suppleness of my skin perfect, flawless. The kind of skin that Japanese beautiful women are renown for. You explore my perfectly toned feminine body. The body that women would kill for. I am yours for the evening. We will make wind and rain together. I will become your drug your healthy addiction.


The Couples Course


If you would like to book as a couple please add 20,000 yen per hour to the booking fee you have selected. For example if you are booking two hours at 160,000yen and wish to add your partner the fee would be 200,000yen (plus taxi).


Geisha for the Day and Night

One full 24hour day 500,000 yen plus the costs of meals and entertainment.


Let me be your Madam Butterfly for the day and night. I will arrive in a full Kimono (There is a reason that the Japanese Kimono has so many layers and costs the price of a small car). We will explore the real Japan together visiting beautiful gardens and temples, taking a traditional Japanese lunch at a very exclusive Inn. We might take in a sumo match or visit a real geisha house for tea. (This requires an invitation and must be prepared in advance).


We might attend a festival or take a private onsen together (Japanese hot springs. Rotemburo would be an outside hot spring). The evening might include night Kabuki or Noh (Traditional Japanese theatre). Dinner would be served again at an exclusive Ukaitei or Kaiseki Inn.


Where you would enjoy cuisine especially prepared by a world class Japanese chef. Very few Japanese as well as foreign guests have the privilege to enter this magical world. If you would prefer a more western style full day plan, I can also provide arrangements for this.


Please contact me and let me know your needs.


I am available to accompany you to restaurants, bars, clubs hot springs etc. My fee is an additional 40,000yen per hour if you have booked services by the hour, if not my time is inclusive.


If you require times or service above and beyond what is listed, please contact me directly. I also offer generous discounts to clients that would like to prepay for multiple visits ahead of time.


Please make sure you book ahead. I will respond to all queries in a very timely fashion. If you would like me to visit you in your home country please refer to my fly me to you page.


Please arrange a date with me using my booking form so that I have all of the information that I need in order to feel safe, comfortable and confident meeting you.


If you have a quick question please send it to:

[email protected]


I look forward to fulfilling all your fantasies